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The Other Dude CD/DVD

Image of The Other Dude CD/DVD

$10.00 - On Sale

CD/DVD featuring stand up comedy, funny songs and a DVD of their accompanied videos. This is a professionally replicated and wrapped in an eco-friendly package. Features artwork from Yosef.


1. The Other Dude
2. I Love You, Sally Struthers
3. Man Chores (Featuring Jim Keaney)
4. Sweatpants Boner (Featuring Noelle LeBlanc)
5. Laconia, NH
6. Excitement in Nashua
7. I'm a Chubby Version of Joshua Jackson
8. Paul's Laserdisc Collection
9. From Brian To Katy Perry
10. Dad Advice and The Marlboro Men
11. Autistic Bumper Sticker and Mom Advice
12. Let's Get Handsome
13. You and Your Muffin Top
14. I'm a Gummy Bear (Featuring Tristan Omand)
15. Paul and Phil Are Friends (Featuring MC LARS)
16. From Brian To Zooey Deschanel
17. Love Isn't Real
18. Warming It Up
19. Pull Out Sofa
20. Steven's Shed
21. From Brian To Kelly Clarkson
22. Yummy Mummy and The Swearing Lady
23. 90's Girlfriends and Grunge Music
24. Sex Talk Soundtrack and Swearing In New England)
25. The Other Dude (Reprise)



Live at the Portland Comedy Connection

Paul's Laserdisc Collection

I Love You, Sally Struthers

From Brian to Katy Perry

I'm a Chubby Version of Joshua Jackson

Paul and Phil Are Friends (Featuring MC LARS)
From Brian to Zooey Deschanel
Steven's Shed

Happy Father's Day (Featuring Tristan Omand)

Hair Appointment with Mom
Backstage Oatmeal Cookies with Bo Burnham
Mom and Dad's Failed April Fool's Day Prank
No Judgement Zone with the Super Secret Project (Promo)